Aston Clinton Youth Cafe


Aston Clinton Youth Cafe first opened in 2007 and is run by Aston Clinton Baptist Church. Pulse have been working in partnership with ACBC since 2013.

ACYC Flyer

This project is held on Wednesday afternoons during school term time in the Baptist Church Hall. Doors open at 3.00pm and close again at 6.00pm.

The Youth Cafe offers young people in Aston Clinton a range of positive, fun and exciting activities each week. There are opportunities for everyone to get involved, no matter what your into. With new young people coming along every week, there is always a great atmosphere and a welcoming environment.

Aston Clinton Youth Cafe has a large team of dedicated volunteers and junior volunteers who enjoy getting involved in activities and getting to know the young people who come along each week. The team are always excited to meet new young people and see them get involved in the cafe.

“When Pulse first joined us at Aston Clinton Youth Cafe, it made a huge difference. I believe in building relationships with the young people at the cafe in order to encourage them to express themselves and grow as people, and the staff from Pulse have this same vision and attitude towards them. The Pulse staff interact with the young people in an inspirational and lively way, allowing them the space to be themselves and express themselves. It is clear that the Pulse staff believe in demonstrating the love of God to young people and role-modelling their faith in order to inspire them to ask questions and discover more about the good news for themselves.”

Susanna Lamport, Head of Youth Ministry at Aston Clinton Baptist Church.

Screen shot 2012-03-02 at 15.46.22  Aston Clinton Youth Cafe